CentOS Web Panel OpenVZ Virtualization Template


We are pleased to announce the release of CentOS Web Panel OpenVZ template.

Now bullten users can install CentOS Web Panel in less than a minute with just one click from their VPS control panel.

Know more about template:

1) Latest apache 2.4 with suphp 0.7.2 enabled.

2) PhpMyAdmin version 4.4.9

3) MySQL Community Server 5.6

4) Roundcube version 1.1.2

5) Pre enabled nginx with cache enabled as reverse proxy template.

6) PHP as DSO handler.

7) Pre enabled mod_pagespeed as per account usage.


There are many more changes and enhancement done by us which will help you to run your services very smoothly. To know more about Centos Web Panel Openvz Template please contact our sales department at sales@bullten.com