Introducing New Client Panel


We are pleased to introduce new client panel for our users. Now it is more user friendly and easy to use with multiple features added site wide.


Features Added:

1) Notification Center:

We added a notification icon on top of the panel using which user can have access to new alerts regarding their account.


2) Ease of Access:

With our new client panel our users have access to support ticket,active services, invoice overdue , domain registration right on their dashboard. There is no multilevel navigtion which will save time accessing services.


3) Knowedgebase System Search:

Knwoledgebase search system is right on your index screen with fast probable searching with accuracy.


4) Automated Payment/Add Funds:

We have given more enhanced option for adding funds in your account for future payments. One can use paypal, 2checkout, ccavenue, paytm and more as payment options to add funds. User can set automatic renewal of services at the end of billing cycle and funds will be automatically deducted to compensate it.


There are many more UI and feature enhancement implemented for better experience. For client panel related query please open a ticket to our sales department from or mail at