Manage Dedicated Server on Your Own


We are pleased to release our initial version of dedicated server manager for self server management. Users will have advantages as mentioned below:

  1. Remote Server Hard Reboot
  2. SafeMode / NetBoot Access
  3. Server Reinstallation
  4. Partition Management
  5. Real Time Hardware / CPU Info
  6. Real Time Traffic/Errors/Packages Usage Analysis
  7. Real Time Resource Usage
  8. Intervention Details
  9. 100 Gb Free Backup Access
  10. IP Management / Reverse

We are constantly working to create more friendly environment for self server assessment and more features to come in near future like:

  1. Full Partition Details
  2. Allowing IP for Backup Access
  3. Check if server is compatible to install windows
  4. Setup Real Time Service Monitoring on Different Ports
  5. Real Time Server Load
  6. Detailed RAID Information
  7. SPAM prevention

Below is an initial look of Dedicated Server Manager.