Shared hosting – Everything you need to know


Before you launch your first website, you have to understand that hosting is a critical component. The problem with hosting is the fact that it can be a somewhat confusing term, especially when you are new in the field. For a successful website, you need to understand the different hosting types and the plans offered.

Today, we will break down all there is to know about shared hosting. You have probably noticed that it is a popular choice among first-time website creators. We will also include some of the things that you have to consider when choosing the best service.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting whereby you get to share a physical server with other websites. Let us get into a more detailed look at how the hosting and servers work.

Understand that all websites have to be hosted on a server. Doing this ensures that the website is publicly accessible to users worldwide. Whenever someone enters a website’s URL, their browser will use that address to identify where that particular site is stored.

The browser will then proceed to request information on the website from the server. Your server will then relay all the necessary data, ensuring that web pages are correctly displayed. The user can then proceed to interact with the website and navigate the different pages, fill out forms, click on links, and so on.

In our case of shared hosting, one server gets to store all the necessary files for different sites. The same server is also responsible for serving up this information when needed. Shared hosting is significantly cheaper than having a dedicated server.

Should I get shared hosting? What you need to consider

1. Budget and features

When compared to the different types of hosting, shared hosting is considerably cheaper. Cloud hosting, virtual private server, and dedicated hosting can be quite expensive. At Bullten web hosting solutions, you get lower prices since you are using only part of the server’s resources and storage space.

2. Ease of use

When you are a beginner, your knowledge of managing a server is minimal at best. With shared hosting, you get to have experienced people handle everything on your behalf. Since your technical skills aren’t advanced, investing in shared hosting is a great solution.

3. Size of your website

Understand that shared hosting provides you with a limited amount of space since you are sharing with one or two other websites. When you have a large site, shared hosting will not be the right fit for you. Understand that if you have lots of visitors, then the server might get overwhelmed.


The beauty with shared hosting is that you get to enjoy a cheaper solution. You also don’t need any technical experience since you have a team of experts handling server issues on your behalf. Getting the right web hosting solution will save you a lot of time. You can then focus on creating great content for your clients. Shared hosting is a great solution when you need to create your first website.