Are You Taking Advantage Of Security Questions In Cpanel/WHM?


Now a days due to immense of hacking attempts, webmasters have to take extra security measures to protect their server from anonymous attacks. A hacker can get your password by brute forcing your account, by infecting your pc and Etc. Are you worried they have your cpanel/WHM password? Choosing cpanel can make you feel safe about your server security.

Cpanel/WHM gives an advantage to rule over even if the attacker have your root password. Their security Questions feature adds a protecting layer between your cpanel login and GUI enterface of your server, if there is cpanel access from unauthorised ip. Whenever an ip which is not whitelisted access cpanel/WHM account then there is a popup of 4 security Questions and upon successfull answer only user will be able to enter Administrator panel or will be directly thrown out of web server. Isnt that great?

Cpanel have more stunning security features which makes it first choice of Web Administrator’s. I will be exploring more features in next post. For more information related to Security Questions see the link below: