Why Dedicated Server?

Wish to lease an entire server for your business? Don’t wish to share the server space with anyone else? Dedicated servers from Bullten are there just for you!

Why should you look for a dedicated server?

There are many advantages of employing a dedicated server for your business and they are:


The performance levels of a dedicated server are unmatched as the physical server is dedicated to you business needs and caters to your demands alone.


There is no sharing here and thus the security levels are pretty high. Data integrity and privacy available here is exceptional.

Full Control

With such a system, the entire control is vested with you and you can determine as to how much you want the service provider to step in. You can get them to help you with admin activities and request dedicated support or do it all yourself with minimal support for them – the choice is yours!

Software Licensing Program

Most software vendors offer software licenses bundled together with dedicated severs. For instance, Microsoft’s Service provider License Agreement model allows you to pay monthly fees at discounted rates for software that would normally be very pricey. This sort of an advantage is available with most software vendors.

There are many more such advantages with dedicated servers such as email stability, greater bandwidth and connectivity, support for multiple operating systems and so on.

The Bullten Advantage

We offer powerful servers capable of high performance and unparalleled speeds at the most affordable prices. Also, the degree of control and flexibility available here lets you work comfortably and with a plan that is best suited to your needs. Not only that, if you wish to upgrade your services, you can do so anytime without much ado! For instance, if you are on a self managed or unmanaged plan for your dedicated server and are finding it difficult to manage on your own, we can step in anytime you want and provide you with dedicated teams to manage your admin activities or offer you assistance in any area you require!

Get your business going with our dedicated servers and manage your traffic with ease!