Install Mod_Flvx on Cpanel/WHM

Mod_Flvx allows user watching streaming videos to fast forward the part of the video without being getting it first buffered and then played. This Small tutorial will help our readers to install mod_flvx in minutes.

How to Install Mod_Flvx:

cd /usr/src
/usr/bin/apxs -cia mod_flvx.c

Now in no time it will get installed on your server .

Last Thing you have to do is adding AddHandler flv-stream .flv in Apache. To do that

1) Login into your WHM.

2) Navigate to Main >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Include Editor and select Pre Virtual Host Include.

3) In I wish to edit the Pre VirtualHost configuration include file for: select All Version and paste your code there (i.e AddHandler flv-stream .flv)

You are done and now Mod_flvx is successfully installed on your server and ready to use

Where Cpanel Support Team advice to add AddHandler flv-stream .flv?

Customer Support Response:

What I would suggest is moving it instead to /usr/local/apache/conf/includes/pre_virtualhost_global.conf, that way it’s loaded immediately after the other AddHandler and AddType lines, and that also puts it being added after the loading of instead of before it.

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