Bullten reminds the Customer that, while providing the Service to the Customer, Bullten may keep some of the Customer’s personal data in compliance with its regulatory and judicial obligations.

Information such as “last name, first name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone numbers, and IP connection addresses” shall be kept by Bullten during the entire term of the Agreement and up to twelve (12) months after the expiration of the Service.

The data transmitted by the Customer shall be kept as long as deemed necessary for evidence purposes. Except as otherwise provided in the Specific Terms and Conditions, Bullten shall not disclose nor sell the Customer’s personal data.

The Customer agrees that his personal data may be stored, handled and transferred by Bullten to its affiliates, who shall only have access to such data in order to perform essential functions in the provision of the Service, all in strict compliance with the Customer’s privacy rights.

The Customer also acknowledges that Bullten may communicate the Customer’s in formation at the request of administrative, regulatory or judicial authorities.

For further details, user may refer to General terms and conditions, Conditions for rental VPS and Special Conditions for a dedicated server.

In order to conflict between these above conditions and General terms and conditions, the latter should prevail with specific details with the specialized field of VPS or dedicated servers.


In case of any dispute, if we are not able to solve the dispute by our side, we will pay the required compensation to the Customer.

Apart from this, in any condition Bullten will not be liable for any type of compensation to the Customer.

For further details regarding refund, user may refer to General terms and Conditions and may refer to further specialized service he/it is using under General Terms and Conditions.