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DDOS protection

Our servers and infrastructure are by default protected against denial of service attacks (DDoS).

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The RPN is a private network functionality, dedicated and physically separated from your Internet network interface.

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Proxmox and VMWare Ready®

Our Dedibox® servers are certified Proxmox and VMWare Ready®.

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KVM over IP

Almost all our Dedibox® come with a hardware KVM over IP and remote virtual media as standard.

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The majority of Dedibox servers support RAID, providing reliability and performance.

24*7 Support

Assistance 24/7

Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by ticket and telephone, in English and Hindi.


Certified Datacenter

Never make any compromises about the durability of your infrastructure.


Premium network

We operate a simple, ultra fast and reliable network. Our AS16276 network has large capacities with numerous transits and exchange points.

Security Optimizations & 500 Gbps+ DDoS Protection

Our servers and infrastructure are by default protected against denial of service attacks (DDoS).

Free Data Backup

Each dedicated server comes with free 500GB Backup Space and that can be extended to 10TB at minimal cost.

Failover IP'S

Each server can have upto 64 IPs and incase if you want to transfer those IPs to other server then it can be instantly done.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting an on-remise server involves high infrastructure costs, securing your computer and electrical network and regular hardware maintenance. On the other hand, renting a dedicated server in BULLTEN data centre means peace of mind as it offers complete range of guarantees you need for all time available and efficient machine. Each of our server is equipped with latest technology and benefits from next-generation components such as in-house assembly for delivery in record time, backup options, connection to the BULLTEN private network (vRack), many compatible distributions, and a powerful anti-DDoS solution.
It is possible to create one or more virtual servers with a physical server via emulation software. These use part of the resources allocated to them by the software. This method has several advantages, including: • live migration of a virtual machine • the ability to optimise resource usage on a dedicated server • the ability to separate the different services offered by a business, for higher security
You can reboot your server anytime by loggin into your client panel and going to service page. There you can see option to reboot server.
You need to buy another dedicated server with higher specification and ask our team to move move your data.
Server comes with 1 dedicated IP. You have option to buy additional 256 IP.
We offer fully managed support on our dedicated server. Support can be reached at email, ticket system, phone and skype.

Premium Everything - Especially Support

Are you facing any issues with your sever? Is there some urgent problem that you are struggling to deal with or do you simply have a few doubts? Whatever be the gravity of your problem, you can get in touch with our 24*7 dedicated customer care to come up with the ideal solution for you! We will greet you with a smile and give you a viable solution within the shortest time frame possible. Expert help is now a call away!

Need Help? We are here right now

Rise Dedicated Server

With the help of the managed dedicated server hosting, get superior performance and enhanced security for your business. In simple terms, managed dedicated server hosting refers to a type of hosting in which the customers leave their server and related management to the hosting company. This server ensures that the clients are not bothered by the regular server administration, which time-consuming and exacting. With this server, you can fully concentrate on your business without being worried about your server. The hosting server ensures proper and full maintenance of all the essential hardware, software, and other components. It is the perfect managed it servers for those who do have so much technical knowledge and lack in the workforce.

What Are The Perks Of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

  • Fast speed- It offers high speed, which is the most basic and essential need of any business- big or small. In fact, managed dedicated server hosting are exceptionally known for their timely delivery and fast speed.
  • Management- The Hosting company takes full responsivity for management, and therefore there is no burden on you. It is their duty to take care of your website administration and functioning. You need not be worried about any of the technical aspects.
  • Smooth filtering- Once you invest in a dedicated managed server, you don’t have to take tensions regarding any threat or scammer coming your way. It blocks all of them in advance and allows only those information to reach which have an authentic IP address. Plus, these servers keep on updating their malware detection software.
  • Uptime- The uptime would be the lasting a client needs to be worried about after investing in a dedicated managed it server. It takes full responsibility for that too.
  • Customizable- Managed dedicated server hosting is completely customizable and offers automatic data backups.

What Is An Unmanaged Dedicated Server?

Another name that you must have commonly heard with the managed dedicated server is an unmanaged dedicated server. The latter is the complete opposite of the former. In the unmanaged web hosting server, the user is required to be self-sufficient completely. The user should be able to manage and install the operating system, the software, security applications, and maintain other web applications. Basically, you need to handle everything related to the server.

The service provider only offers help in essential tasks such as monitoring of network, internet connectivity, web server, and hardware equipment and connectivity-related troubles. They work to maintain reliable and safe fast-speed connectivity as well as offer a 100 percent uptime guarantee. However, the significant task of efficiently running the server and taking care of the web applications lies with the client.

Which Should You Choose?

The fully managed dedicated server hosting means all operations and management related to the webserver is done by the provider. While in an unmanaged dedicated server, the most responsibility lies with the client and least with the provider. The former means that the user can focus only on its business growth, whereas in the latter, all things need to be taken into account. If you are someone with little knowledge about the technical applications of servers and little work staff as well as don’t want any burden on you, then pick the managed dedicated server or otherwise go for the unmanaged dedicated server. At the end of the day, the choice lies with you, and make one taking into consideration your business and needs.