Opting for a virtual server for your website is a prudent decision especially if you are a start up or are venturing newly into the internet arena. Deciding upon this is only part of the hurdle won while choosing the virtualization technique to opt for is the other and more important aspect of the decision. To help you decide as to whether you should opt for KVM or OpenVZ, both of which are supported by us, we’ve come up with a few metrics and key parameters of both the techniques below.

Did you know that while KVM enables complete virtualization, OpenVZ gives unmatched speeds?

There are many more such aspects to consider while choosing the virtualization technique that fits your requirements. Read on to get a glimpse of key differences between the two.

Metric KVM OpenVZ
Virtualization Scope Extensive – In case you need to go in for virtualization that entails custom modules/ custom kernels or even Windows virtualization, KVM is the better choice. Not as extensive as KVM. Works well enough for simple projects and offers good performance for money in such cases.
Overheads Lesser and required more management as compared to OpenVZ. Lower overheads as compared to KVM when well managed
Virtualization Level Machine level virtualization and thus the flexibility OS - level virtualization
Performance Compared to OpenVZ, KVM is slower and offers lower performance under the same environment and circumstances. Faster as it is a lighter method that is based on container virtualization
OS Installation Allows for automatic installation Allows for automatic installation and is the clear winner as far as this metric is concerned.
Privacy of the container This is an important feature of KVM. This is not available with OpenVZ.
Disk Space This is reserved when allocated. This isn’t reserved when allocated.
Cost Expensive owing to its extensive virtualization capabilities Less Expensive and the most cost effective for most businesses as they don’t require the extensive Virtualization support available in KVM and can easily work with OpenVZ.
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When you require a VPS to run your business on a tight string and your requirements are not heavy or you don’t require a lot of layers of virtualization, OpenVZ is the way to go. It gives you better CPU performance in such cases and is cost effective. You should opt for KVM when you require a VPS that is close a dedicated serve and offers high reliability and much more virtualization scope.