OpenVZ Virtualization

This technique involves virtualization at the OS level, meaning our servers run multiple instances of a single OS and in this case, it is a container based virtualization for the Linux Operating System. This technique brings with it cost saving and is very popular and trending owing to its efficiency, scalability, greater machine density and dynamic resource management.

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KVM Virtualization

KVM stands for Kernel Based Virtual Machine and this is a complete virtualization solution for Linux and also Windows and is employed for x86 hardware. With our KVM virtualization, you get the following advantages – lower cost (Lower Cost – 67% lower cost as compared to other solutions!), scalability, advanced Security Features, top notch Quality of Service and much more.

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A web presence is mandatory for any business today and a VPS could bring down the cost of web hosting significantly as compared to a dedicated server.

Managing a server or being able to afford a dedicated server could be an expensive affair for most small and medium scale businesses. You may not have the resources both monetary and technical expertise wise to manage one on your own. This is where a Virtual Private Server comes handy. Shared web hosting services can take a lot of stress out of the picture and let you concentrate on your core business areas as opposed you having to worry about server management (which happens to be very important and which is why a VPS is a cool solution). At Bullten, we offer the best web hosting services at the most competitive of prices. Read on to learn more about our VPS services.

Why Choose Bullten for your web hosting needs?

As experts in web hosting, our VPS services are cost effective and turn out to be to your best advantage in the long run.

  • Get the advantages of a dedicated server at lower cost with our VPS
  • Back up facilities - We manage your backups and you have lesser things to worry about by teaming up with us.
  • Customised packages – Our customised packages are tailor made to suit your needs. You can upgrade anytime to other packages either to improve your server performance parameters, speed or throughput.
  • Security and Privacy – You can rest assured of access control mechanisms and security with our VPS. Customization of the security features is also available; you can set up firewalls and monitor the traffic coming on to the website and so on.
  • Full Control and High Performance – With our VPS, you enjoy complete control over the environment from the choice of OS to setting it up to your needs. Also, we offer servers that run on high speeds and good performance comes guaranteed with us.

OS Supported

KVM/OpenVZ Vritualization

KVM Vritualization

Did you know that a VPS can make your development process way easier?

How can a developer derive benefit out of a VPS?

    If you are into developing apps for either windows environments or a Linux based environment, VPS can be of major use to you and here’s how.

  • A developer VPS can help you get your project to the market ready stage pretty fast.
  • Provides a clean testing environment that lets you debug and find the failure points easily without having to worry about other network aspects.
  • With a VPS, there are a lot of options for installing applications for scripting and design based on the web and this opens up a lot of possibilities for testing and deployment and is of immense use for developers.
  • It is excellent for testing as you can test and track changes without actually harming your actual infrastructure.
  • Freedom of configuration

Team up with us for the best VPS and web hosting services; drop in an enquiry or ring us up for more details!