Advantage of a Rise Server

Exceptional Performance

High Grade servers are designed to provide exceptional computing power and speed. They use high-performance processors, high-speed memory, and advanced storage systems to ensure that applications and workloads run smoothly and quickly.


High Grade servers come with advanced management tools that allow system administrators to monitor and manage the server's performance, security, and maintenance. This allows administrators to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring that the server remains operational and secure.


With a dedicated server, you have complete control over the server environment and can customize it to meet your specific needs. This includes choosing the operating system, software, and hardware configurations.


IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Each server comes with one public IPv4 address and one IPv6 address. You can buy additional IPv4 addresses for your dedicated server (up to 256 per machine).

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Many distributions are offered for automatic installation via the BULLTEN Control Panel. This includes various operating systems (Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS), Plesk and cPanel Web management interfaces, and also Microsoft SQL Server for databases. Virtualisation solutions, like VMware, CoreOS and Windows Hyper-V, are also available.

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500 GB of storage space

Each dedicated server has a storage space of 500 GB dedicated to backups. This space, completely independent of the server, allows you to store your data and configuration files. The storage capacity can be increased, if needed.

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Assistance and support

By renting your servers from BULLTEN, you benefit from technical support via telephone and e-mail, 24/7. You can also contact our advisors, who are ready to support you. In addition, a range of guides and an online Help Centre is available to assist you during the installation and administration of your services.

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DDoS Protection

All BULLTEN dedicated servers include optimum anti-DDoS technology to provide you with the best protection against complex and sophisticated attacks and ensure business continuity.

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IPMI and KVM on IP

The IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) console, accessible from the BULLTEN Control Panel or API, provides you with a direct connection to your dedicated server. If your server becomes unavailable for any reason, you can keep control of it via its public IP address. This administration system also allows you to monitor the hardware components of your server.

Two display methods are available: the internet browser (HTML 5) or the Java applet.

Use of Rise Servers

Hosting high-traffic websites

Dedicated servers are ideal for websites that receive a high volume of traffic, such as e-commerce sites or media-heavy websites.

Running resource-intensive applications

Dedicated servers are capable of handling resource-intensive applications, such as video streaming or data processing.

Running machine learning and AI applications

Dedicated servers are used to run machine learning and AI applications, which require powerful processing capabilities and significant amounts of RAM.

How do I create a basic web server?

Choice of distribution

To quickly set up your dedicated server, you need to install an operating system. BULLTEN provides a range of operating systems that can be installed automatically, and all of them operate on an optimised platform. This includes Windows Server, Linux and UNIX operating systems, as well as Plesk and cPanel control panels, not to mention SQL Server for databases. Your server adapts to your needs.

Fully-dedicated resources for your projects

The biggest advantage of using a dedicated server is the power it offers in terms of computing, data processing, and storage capacity. As compared to a shared hosting or a cloud solution, all of its resources are allocated to the user i.e. you. As there is no virtualisation layer, you can rest assured that your applications are fully benefiting from dedicated resources.

With root access, you control your server

You have the flexibility of utilizing the full power of your dedicated server. In addition to the choice of operating system, you have root access to your machine i.e. manage, configure, and secure your server on the command line, or through your choice of control panel, without any technical constraints. You can take advantage of our technical expertise and our datacentres, while remaining the only administrator of your server!

Why choose us?


Our dedicated servers are powered by high quality, enterprise grade hardware from leading players like Dell, HP and Supermicro. Built for speed and unparalleled performance.


Our servers are built to deliver superior speed and ensure that even the most demanding web server applications run smoothly without any issues.


Our team is consists of IT professionals in software and hardware related problems and this keeps our support quality in worlds first class.


We are proud to offer one of the highest level of network uptime guarantee (99.95%). Your website would be always up and running.

High Grade Dedicated Server Overview FAQs

A high-grade dedicated server is an advanced computer system designed to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and security for mission-critical applications and workloads. It offers superior computing power, storage capacity, and network connectivity.
The advantages include exceptional performance with high-speed processors and advanced storage systems, advanced management tools for monitoring and maintenance, and the ability to customize the server environment according to specific needs.
Features include IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, various distributions for automatic installation, 500 GB of dedicated storage space for backups, 24/7 technical support, DDoS protection, and IPMI and KVM on IP for server administration and monitoring.
High-grade servers are suitable for hosting high-traffic websites, running resource-intensive applications like video streaming or data processing, and running machine learning and AI applications that require powerful processing capabilities.
Bullten offers high-quality, enterprise-grade hardware, superior speed, excellent technical support, and a high level of network uptime guarantee. Their dedicated servers provide fully dedicated resources and the flexibility of root access for complete control over the server environment