Include all features

Wordwide infrastructure,innovative cloud computing and specialist expertise

16 IPs / Server


250 Mbps Bandwidth

100 GB Backup Storage

90 Environments

Optional server add-ons:

Failover IPs

Express KVM IP

Backup +

Customized performances

SoftRAID, Intel Xeon , up to 64 GB of RAM.The budget server line of rental dedicated servers gives you all the power you need to launch your business projects.

Services included

When you rent an budget dedicated Server, you benefit from all the services supported i.e anti-DDoS, distributions, backup storage space, etc.

16 IP's

With budget dedicated server, you get 16 IPs failover IP per server. You can also take advantage of the Failover IP option, to guarantee infrastructure is always available.

Unlimited Bandwidth*

Yep, because like Cell Phone Overage Charges,
Bandwidth Overages SUCK even more!