Installing Comodo WAF for Enhanced Security

Web applications are the back-end components that power any online business. They are used to power many of the features we have come to take for granted on a website, including web-mail, online stores, software-as-a-service, payment gateways, forums, dynamic content, social media functionality and much more.

Can you afford a security breach of your web applications? A security breach can have devastating implications for the site owner, including site downtime, loss of corporate data and even theft of confidential customer information.

Your web applications must be effectively protected against attack at all times. Comodo Web Application Firewall (CWAF) provides powerful, real-time protection for web applications and websites running on Apache and Linux based web-servers. CWAF supports ModSecurity (aka ModSec) rules, providing advanced filtering, security and intrusion protection.


Why you need it:

-Protect sensitive customer data
- Meet PCI compliance requirements
- Block unauthorized access
- Prevent SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attackS


Obtaining License Key:

Before installing CWF we have to register on Once you are done move ahead for installation.


How to Install



It will install Comodo WAF on your server. Move ahead with the steps shown and enter your email and password to verify your ownership.


For support please follow their forum @
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