Unblock Your IP - [Shared Hosting Users Only]

How to Unblock IP:

Method - I

If you ever get banned by our firewall and unable to access your website. Dont panic , just go ahead and login to your bullten client panel ( Once you are logged in our system will check if your ip is banned by our firewall and then our system will automatically unblock it and display a message mentioning why you were blocked.

unblocking ip in bullten


Method - II

Suppose the above method is not working for you and you are still blocked, relax there is other way around. While you are logged into Bullten Client Panel( look for top navigation bar and click on support.


bullten navigation

Once you click it, you will see option to Unblock and enter the blocked IP and submit. The system will look for blocked ip specified and unblock for you mentioning reason for the block.

bullten navigation

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